Cooperative robotic platforms for wireless channel measurements

Major Project

Posted by: Aamir Habib
Posted on: 01 January 2015

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Team Member

  • Dr. Aamir Habib



  • Department: Electrical Engineering
  • University: IST Institute Of Space Technology
  • City: Islamabad
  • Country: Pakistan


05 Sep 2012 to 19 Aug 2014


We develop a system that reconstructs and models in 3D for unknown structures and environments using autonomous robot equipped with a radio transceiver in real time. The indoor wireless scanning would be conducted with the help of a smart antenna array which uses narrow beam highly directional antenna beams. These beams would scan the environment and the obstacles within in 2D initially and then all the 2D models would be combined together to form a 3D model. The data collected can be stored in the robotic system and processed online or can be transferred to a remote system where after processing a 3D model is constructed in real time. The raw data received from the robot can be processed to display the unknown environment in 3D on a computer or construct it in a holographic view.


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