Design and Implementation of FEMTO-CELL Base Station using Software Defined Radio

Major Project

Posted by: Aamir Habib
Posted on: 14 August 2014

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Team Member

  • Ussama Shafiq
  • Muhammad Rizwan Waheed



  • Department: Electrical Engineering
  • University: IST Institute Of Space Technology
  • City: Islamabad
  • Country: Pakistan


19 Jun 2013 to 14 Aug 2014


Cellular communication networks throughout the world are moving towards LTE (Long Term Evolution) that provides high reliability and data rate. In case of emergency situations around the globe like natural disaster i.e. tsunami, earthquake, tornado or in the need of military operation, there is enormous need to provide the communication services to the rescue teams that can be helpful to them during the operation.
SDR (Software Defined Radio) solutions can be extremely helpful for these situations as they are helpful in reducing the hardware and implementing the software side solutions.
This project entirely focuses on providing the necessary solution of alternative rapidly deployed communication setup in emergency situations. By using SDR technologies, we design and implement a Femto Cell based base station that provide voice call and sms services as quickly as possible with efficiently replacing backhaul hardware by real time software applications. Rapid deployment, reducing hardware and cost are the essence of this project.


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