Research in Physical Layer design of Wireless Systems

Major Project

Posted by: Aamir Habib
Posted on: 01 January 2015

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Team Member

  • Dr. Aamir Habib
  • Dr. Farrukh Aziz Bhatti.



  • Department: Electrical Engineering
  • University: IST Institute Of Space Technology
  • City: Islamabad
  • Country: Pakistan


01 Jan 2012 to 19 Dec 2014


New research areas explored in the following realms
1) Cooperative Spatial modulation
2) Multiuser Spatial modulation with pragmatic STTC
3) Channel Coding based antenna selection and MIMO (in progress)
4) Space-Time Block Coded Spatial Modulation and antenna selection
5) Modulation based AS constellation in OFDM channel conditions
6) Maxwell theory based AS for polarized MIMO
7) 2D 3D arrays for AoA and DoA estimation with selection diversity
8) Constrained optimization problem antenna array mutual coupling array
9) Adaptive antenna selection based on particle filters
10) Beam-forming and side lobe cancellation with antenna selection


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